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Business Class Flights to Kenya

Hailed as “the cradle of humanity,” the East African country of Kenya is an unforgettable destination. From its rich cultural heritage and stunning wildlife to extraordinary landscapes and phenomenal weather, Kenya offers something for everyone. The best part? Business Class puts all of Kenya’s allures within your reach thanks to our cheap first-class flights to Kenya and other popular global destinations.

Where to Find First-Class Flights to Kenya: Business Class!

Home to more than 50 national parks and reserves, Kenya is renowned for its wildlife and safaris. Perhaps most well-known of all? The Maasai Mara, which plays host to the spectacular Great Migration. During this awe-inspiring annual event, millions of wildebeest and zebras cross over the Mara River in search of water and food. Plan your trip during the months between July and October to witness the Maasai Mara for yourself.

Can't make the Maasai Mara? Kenya offers an abundance of opportunities to see the continent’s amazing wildlife – including the “Big Five” animals – in its natural habitat.

While Kenya may be best known for its extraordinary wildlife its beaches are equally as alluring. Known for their crystal clear waters, soft white sands, vibrant coral reefs, and colorful marine life, destinations like the Malindi Marine National Park and Mombasa Marine Park, National Reserve, and Kisite Marine Park are especially popular. More in the mood to relax and unwind while taking in the pristine views? Add a visit to the coastal town of Mombasa and its world-class beaches to your itinerary. When you’re ready for some physical activity, head to Mount Kenya, the continent’s second-highest mountain. A mecca for hikers and climbers seeking the summit or shorter hikes, a visit to Mount Kenya is also a wonderful way to experience the local scenery and wildlife.

Pining for an adventure of the urban variety? The capital city of Nairobi is a best-of-both-worlds destination for everything from safaris and shopping to dining and nightlife. While you’re there, make sure to leave time to explore its bustling Maasai markets, where you’ll find jewelry, paintings, textiles, wood sculptures, and other authentic souvenirs to bring back home. Nairobi also lays claim to a rich history and unique arts and culture scene, including many museums like the National Museum of Kenya, Nairobi Gallery, Kenya Railway Museum, and Karen Blixen Museum.

Fascinating cultural diversity, year-round sunny weather, friendly locals, and delicious foods like the local grilled meat specialty nyama choma round out the reasons to add Kenya to your travel bucket list.

Wondering how to find first-class flights to Kenya? Business Class is the travel industry’s best-kept secret to getting there in comfort and style for less. Book your flight to Kenya with today.

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Business Class Flights to Kenya

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