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Business Class Flights to the Maldives

"Unrivalled luxury, stunning white-sand beaches, and an amazing underwater world make Maldives an obvious choice for a true holiday of a lifetime," enthuses Lonely Planet. If you're looking for a true tropical getaway, look no further than this stunning chain of islands located just south of the Indian subcontinent in the Indian Ocean-Arabian Sea. Now, you can get there for less, thanks to deals sourced by Business Class on cheap business class flights to Maldives and cheap first-class flights to Maldives.

If you're a scuba diving enthusiast, it's probably not news to you that the Maldives is among the top destinations in the world thanks to its clear, sparkling waters and remarkable array of ocean life. But you don't have to be an underwater adventurer to enjoy all that the Maldives has to offer. It's also home to some of the world's most beautiful beaches boasting soft white sand and cyan-blue water. It's not surprising that the Maldives is also known for water sports like windsurfing, water skiing, surfing, and fishing.

When you grow tired of lazing on the beach, you'll find plenty to explore in the island's capital of Male, which is speckled with pastel buildings. Maldives' second-largest town, Addu City, is also worth a visit. The Maldives is also known for its fascinating culture, drawn from neighboring influences of India, Thailand, and the Middle East to become something wholly unique. On that note, a stop at the National Museum can help you better understand the country, its history, and its people.

If luxury is at the top of your list, meanwhile, you'll find plenty of that in the Maldives, thanks to hundreds of glamorous resorts aimed at ensuring that your every need is met. Speaking of luxury, why wait to arrive at your destination to enjoy next-level pampering? Start your trip off in style with the best business class flights to Maldives and first-class flights to Maldives courtesy of the travel experts. 

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Business Class Flights to Maldives

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